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Okay, up till now it looks like November has most preferences on 21st, @eerieear would you be able to make the 21st as well?

@KessonDalef, i’m still in discussion for the October meetup, hopefully get an update this coming week! But pretty sure it will be 23th of October.


I can only make the 20th Nov but I will send on the most positive vibes if I can’t make it.

Hi everyone!

This message is regarding the meetup I was planning to organize in Eindhoven next week during the Dutch Design Week. The updates:

The meetup is planned for Wednesday 23rd of October from 18h till 20h at Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven. After 20h the meetup will be taken over by a panel-discussion about bio-hacking.

I would like to use the meetup to introduce our livecoding community (and livecoding in general). Please respond to this message if you are planning to join, because I have the feeling it will only be me and Giovanni.

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I will join you guys !

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There is a big chance that I will also join!


Well my chance is bigger! (I’ll be there :wink: )


I’m in London on the
23rd, but have a blast ya’ll!


Hi everyone ! about November, any more dates besides the 23rd at the Skate Park ?

aaaaaaaaa you got me there!

Hi All,

Here is the event for the meetup for next Wednesday.

@eerieear (and also everyone), I’m sorry, I forgot to mention, but I’ve had to postpone the Algorave for the Skatepark because it clashed with some other events in Apeldoorn (which means we will definitely loose our target audience, and the city isn’t that big). I’m currently thinking about having one mid-december, but I’m currently a bit too busy to get on with it. Will pick it up after a few weeks I think.

Other upcoming dates are 20 or 21 Nov for NLCL Meetup in Utrecht (have not decided which day yet).

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@Timo Complicated for me both the 20th and 21st. I had already asked for the 23rd off, any chances of keeping the meetup on that date ?

@Timo if the algorave happens in December I cannot join unfortunately

As for November, I can surely join either the 20th or 21th, but not before 7.00pm at the place (I might be flexible with the dates in case of change)

@eerieear, I understand. Sadly me and Fabian can’t make it on the 23rd, and since the meetups were always during the week we decided to either choose 20 or 21st. I could check if we can maybe move it one week ahead (to 27/28 nov) if that’s desirable. On the other hand, do you maybe have options to work on the 23rd and get a day off on 20/21st instead?

@KessonDalef, okay, well the date is not decided yet (not even discussed), so maybe we should have a Beginning of the New Year Algorave!

Hi Everyone!

I’m glad some of you were able to make it to the meetup in Eindhoven last week! Even though we did not have a big turn-out, I think it was nice to have been there and meet a few of the people in the Natlab/Baltan space. It would definitely be nice to host some workshops there in the future as well!

So the next meetup will be for the first time in Utrecht in de Havenloods :slight_smile: is Wednesday the 20th agreeable with everyone? I hope so.


Hey! The event for the next meetup is online here! Hope to see many of you there! As always, feel free to suggest ideas for the meetup (talks/presentations/discussions etc.). I would like to end with a 10-minute-round Codejam.

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Hey Timo!
What time it starts tomorrow?

Hey all! Last meetup in Utrecht was great. A few new faces, and thank you @RafaeleAndrade for the nice presentation on the recent developments of Knurl!

We didn’t pick a new date during the previous meetup, so shall we pick a date for the December meetup here? I was suggestion is to have that meetup in Amsterdam (Conservatory?), since previous 2 were somewhere else. How about 16, 18 or 23 of December?

Hi all,

I’ll be flying to Mexico in December so I cannot attend these days so I don’t know if the cva is a good idea… And nice to hear the the meetup was great!

I prefer the 18th. Thanks!


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Hi Timo, thank you for organizing the previous meet ups! I will be away for most December for unforeseen family situations… I hope to be back and more involved in NL_CL gatherings from January. Hugs!

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