Live Coding Meetups NL_CL

The 18th works well for me too.

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The 18th is good also for me!

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Is the location decided
on yet? Asking because I’d be happy to host us in the Hague.


@j.reus, no location has not been decided yet. My initial thought was to host the meetup in CvA, but since Felipe will not join this meeting that won’t be an option. I think The Hague is fine as well! (Although i will probably need to leave a bit earlier since I will have 1,5 hour traveling time).

@JoChicau, no worries, take care and hopefully see you again in January!

I could book the conservatory as well, but perhaps you’re thinking to bring to somewhere else?

I could perhaps see if it is possible to do at de Muiterij of Bajesdorp in Amsterdam. Relatively close to Amsterdam Amstel station (just one metro stop) or Amsterdam Zuid (a few more metro stops) and the place where we’re building a new artist space.

ah, never mind - can’t make it on the 18th… But would be great to do one there next year!

Okay, no worries! @j.reus , is your offer to host the meetup on the 18th in The Hague still standing? Or @RafaeleAndrade, in the Conservatory?

Yeah we could do it at
SeeLab by the beach :slight_smile:

    Duinstraat 55. Although

it’s not super close to the station… you have to take a
tram/bus. The conservatory would be better if we can get it.

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Thank you guys ! Sorry I have been so absent last month.
I think I can make it on the 18th, not earlier than 7.30/ 8.00 I think but would love to know the SeeLab !

Awesome! At the Seelab seems nicer! Let me know if you need some help, I’m currently living nearby!

Ok, would 7:30pm on Dec
18 @ SeeLab be ok with everyone?

yikes! wait a second…
I’m sorry, I’ve already got something going on at SeeLab that
night. ^_^;

    I'm organizing

something called “Eats & Bleeps” …it’s a
potluck/electronic-art experimentation evening… we get
together, bring food, and work on electronic art stuff.

    Everyone's welcome to

come. I don’t know, if you want we could also mix up the NL_CL
meeting with Eats & Bleeps? But then it’s expected people
bring food and work on stuff, not so much show&tell like at
other NL_CL meetups.

What do ya’ll think?

Sounds like a nice event. Although the See Lab is another 15-30 minutes traveling, which means I would have to leave around 21h45 so i can be home at 00h00. I would like to know who else likes the idea to join the “Eats & Bleeps”, else I would be fine with having the livecoding meetup at the Conservatory (only you wouldn’t be able to attend then @j.reus …). I have to add that I also don’t think I will be traveling with food the entire day, since I have some other appointments during the day I have to attend.

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Hey all, any updates on
Dec 18th meetup location?

Guys, I can’t be present at this meeting because of my job at Zuidstrand theatre. If you want to do at the conservatory, I would suggest to postpone our coming meet up at Saturday 21th or Sunday 22th in the afternoon (between 15h-17h).

Otherwise de 18th at SeeLab sounds great! I could try to be there later around 21h.

No, not really. I hoped more people would’ve replied by now haha. If Rafaele can’t attend then the Conservatory seems to be no option.

I won’t be able to meetup over the weekend because of the Golf Festival in Haarlem (a nice AV performance festival btw, definitely recommended).

Another suggestion would be to have the meetup on Monday the 23rd of December, before christmas? How does that sound? Not sure if @craig, @KessonDalef and @driangle can make that?

In any case we still need a location then.

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I could make at 23th ! I don’t have to work at that evening!

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I can make it on the 23rd also for now

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Hey everyone, last moment things are keeping be busy the 18th and then I will be out of Netherlands until the 27th, so go ahead and we will meet the next one in January :slight_smile: