Livecoding events in Scotland? UK?

Iā€™m based in Edinburgh and looking to connect with other livecoders in Scotland and the wider UK. I use Teletype and Orca mostly but would love to learn Foxdot too :smiley:

Doing sets and chatting with other performers at the Livecoding offshoot from Lines, Flash Crash and slow return to live music options has put a fire in my belly to get more involved with things closer to home too.

Super Interested in collaborating/ helping/ (and especially)performing at anything pre-existing here? Please give me a shout.

For Edinburgh specifically, and not exclusively livecoding, but livecoding friendly, a monthly music event focussing on building a little community in is in the works with 1st event for evening of November 18th planned-- v small & cool arts space, if there are people that would be up for performing at future ones, it would be good to hear from you! Audio or Visual coders encouraged !!!

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