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Hi everyone, I am always a bit lost in the different threads but I think this message fits in here. Worm is hosting one last ‘Algo~Rhythms’ for this year ( So far in the line up: Mirikat coming from the UK; Giovanni (Kesson) and Jo Kroese and then we will have the jam session as usual. In the budget there is a symbolic amount (about the same as to covering travel costs from the train trip) for one or two people for opening up the jam session (ideally playing audio). It would be something short, as I think more people will want to join the jam session spontaneously, so we need to make room for that — drop me an email ( if this is of interest to anyone!


Hey all… I’m also getting a bit lost in all the threads… I hope I’m posting this in the right place.

TRANS/\CODE : Dec 11, 2019 @ iii

Marije and I are organizing a short, livecoding research residency where we will be collaborating with two virtuosic performers (Maya Fridman - cello/voice and Miri Lee - dance/choreography) to prototype new live coding systems.

The residencies will culminate in a performance on December 11th at iii.
Here’s the link

Please share within your networks if you don’t mind! Maybe this should also go on the NL_CL pr outlets?


Cool, sounds awesome. I can take care of posting this in the NLCL twitter…

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I will do the Insta Post

And this is the correct thread btw. Or is the forum way to do it to start a new thread for each event? :flushed:

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I think it is a lot more clear if there is a new thread for each event. The threads of old events will then just disappear into history.

Is there any sort of
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    That way we can pin the

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Yeah this is the right place i guess! You started it yourself :slight_smile: :

I think that is fine as well, but a problem can be that some people are maybe watching specific threads, and therefore won’t get the e-mail notification if a new thread is started. But not sure for how many that is te case, and we could also say it is up to them to change the settings if they want to stay up-to-date for all new threads as well.

Not sure, there is a bookmark icon for a post, but not sure if that helps.

a reminder of tomorrow’s live coding evening of performances at Worm Rotterdam, and an invitation for joining the jam session - - - > - - < looking forward to seeing you! Hugs *

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Our first two NL_CL / iii concerts in The Hague are announced!

MARCH 28, 2020 ~ NL_CL#1 THE FUTURE OF MUSIC curated by Felipe Ignacio Noriega

MAY 24, 2020 ~ NL_CL #2 FLESH curated by Joana Chicau

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Thanks Jonathan! We wil share and promote :slight_smile:

Great ! Thanks @j.reus !

sharing here another live coding event coming up on Wednesday in Amsterdam, more info >>>>>>>>>>

I just updated the website with these events as well!

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The Future of Music - NL_CL #1 ~ (un)concert livestream radio show just finished and it was amazing! If you haven’t had the chance to watch, it is recorded on Youtube so you can check it out later! Click on the title.


If you want to join the ‘thuisprotest’ for SOSMoria, here is some SuperCollider code.

More info: and


SynthDef(\dsaf_horn1, { |rate=0.1|
	var freq =, 0.99, 0.4).lagud(0.4 / rate, 0.6 / rate) * \ + \ * [1,1.05];
	// var freq = [ 300, 500, 800, 1100 ];
	var son  =, 0.99, 0.2).lagud(0.4 / freq, 0.6 / freq) * 2 - 1;

	// This filtering is a simple approximation of the plastic horn acoustics:
	son =, 1500, 1/4) * 4;

	// delay and reverb, to simulate the environment in which we hear the siren
	son = son +, 0.1, 0.1, 0.3);
	son = son +;
	son = son * Env.linen(0.01,1,0.01), timeScale: \, doneAction: 2 );
	//, * \;, son * \;

Tdef( \SOS, { |ev|{ // S
		Synth(\dsaf_horn1, [ \rate, (1/ev.unit) + 0.15, \dur, ev.unit ]);{ |it| it.red_(255); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait;{ |it| it.red_(0); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait; // pause
	};{ // O
		Synth(\dsaf_horn1, [ \rate, (1/(ev.unit*3)) + 0.05, \dur, ev.unit*3 ]);{ |it| it.red_(255); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		(ev.unit * 3).wait;{ |it| it.red_(0); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait; // pause
	};{ // S
		Synth(\dsaf_horn1, [ \rate, (1/ev.unit) + 0.15, \dur, ev.unit ]);{ |it| it.red_(255); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait;{ |it| it.red_(0); }; ~setSlimPars.value;
		ev.unit.wait; // pause
}).set( \unit, 0.25 );

Tdef( \goFor2Minutes, {{ // 2 minutes
		// play every five seconds{
			Tdef( \SOS ).play;
	Tdef( \SOS ).stop;

Tdef( \goFor2Minutes ).play;

Tdef( \goFor2Minutes ).stop;
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Hi all,

our friends from Barcelona Toplap have a spot for their live stream program “The hour of live coding”.
It would be coming wednsday or friday (preferably wednsday) at 8:08pm.

The stream is around 45~60min and you can do whatever you want, just be yourself and show what you have been up in terms of live coding :computer_mouse:\

If you want to take the spot just reply and i’ll put you in contact. first to reply gets it :slight_smile: :trophy:


I am in , is 45 mins the slot or the total stream time?

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Yes! This is super. We continue talking in PM