Screenreader based live-coding

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working with musicians and programmers who use screen-readers to interact with computers. I’ve been testing out a lot of live-coding languages and finding various barriers:

  • Custom editors with bad screenreader support
  • Complex install paths
  • Lots of noise in text design.

I’m currently researching the question: “What would a programming language for live coding look like when the main interface is a screen-reader or braille display.”

I’m not suggesting we need something new, but I’m open to the idea. I would be curious to hear if anyone has experience of screen-readers and live-coding.


I got a message from a person a week or two ago specifically looking to use ixi lang with a screenreader, which is proving a challenge (currently, he can’t even get VoiceOver to recognise what’s being typed in, but after a little research it seems that because ixi is partly reliant on whitespace to determine rhythm, and even in its most verbose mode VoiceOver can’t be made to read whitespace, the entire thing might be futile).

@rumblesan is currently attempting a rebuild of ixi (and I am attempting to assist and mostly failing) so this is kind of in the back of my mind at least for any redesign.

All I know about screenreaders I know from web front-end stuff so this is completely uncharted territory for me. Watching this thread with interest!