Show us your abandoned projects

I’m a serial starter, but a pretty poor finisher, and so I have a lot of projects that I’ve started but not finished either because I ran out of interest, time, or inclination.

I’m pretty sure that everybody has a few and I thought it might be fun to show off some of the live coding tools and things that we’ve built but left unloved. Possibly it might spark an idea for someone else, though maybe it’s just fun to poke around bit-rotted code :slight_smile:

I’ll kick things off.

Whorl is/was an audio live coding language that runs in the browser, and is vaguely Lisp shaped. It uses Thicket to allow dynamic creation of synths by combining web audio nodes.

It’s meant to be running on my website but I can’t seem to make it evaluate anything and there are errors because I think the web audio api has changed in the 4 years since I touched it.
It did make sound at one point, but the audio was a bit glitchy and I meant to look into it more never got to it. Maybe I’ll dust it off at some point, but it’s far down my todo list these days haha

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Oh, so many unfinished projects…

While not exactly livecoding, one project that went quite far before I dropped it was trying to make a DAW synth plugin that would let you play a tunable chaotic oscillator (based off the Van der Pol oscillator ). Dropped because it never really produced a wide variety of interesting waveforms and burned CPU like mad.

I can’t post source code (but here’s some audio). But now that I think about it I might be able to revive it as a SuperCollider UGen…


Dozens. I’ve recently made the decision to abandon the SuperCollider language for livecoding and write my own library in Elixir. Not sure if that will solve the problem, but in the past many of my issues have really come down to limitations in SuperCollider.


Sort of half-dead is my Processing/tidal system where you livecode in tidal to sequence a Processing Sketch… suonds straightforward but I actually started building a way-to-complicated OSC backend inside it: GitHub - pixelpusher/TronCyclesPainting: Filling space with live performance drawing (FYI I played this in the Tate Britain in one of the modern art galelryies and it was super fun)

Also in ‘almost livecoding’ I started writing a Processing framework that you could re-evaluate (didn’t know about other Java livecoding back then) that used beats and ‘scenes’: CreativeCode/BeatMatchingMadeEasyScenes at master · pixelpusher/CreativeCode · GitHub There’s a whole OpenGL visualiser built in somewhere that’s out of date now because of the new P5 new renderers :frowning:

Somewhere buried is all my MaxMSPJitter that I used to perform with… twiddling patch cords counts, right??