Sidechaining as Synthdef

Hello everyone, i just started using FoxDot with Supercollider and i’m trying to find a way to use sidechaining. I’ve found this ( script for Supercollider, but i’m not sure wether or not i can convert it to a Synthdef or if there is some existing plugin for that.

Is there someone who can help? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

So, as I understand it, you’d like to use the Compander UGen? I’m not very familiar with it - it’s compressing multiple audio streams based on relative amplitude? If that’s the case it would need to be a more ‘global’ effect that is added to a group of synths, which would be interesting to use but would take some time to implement. Or am I over complicating things?

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That’s correct. Yes, sidechaining is a form to manage compression of different sound streams based on the amplitude. It’s been used extensively right now in trap beats, but i got familiar with it because it’s used for the basslines of some types of tekno and drum and bass. And that’s exactly the point, it does need to be applied to a group of synths (usually two), so as i understand that would be a new mechanic that the library has not implemented so far… but i don’t see any other option.
I am a little familiar with python but i’ve need really dived deeply into libraries. I understand i might be able to add a new Synthdef, but that would take Synth1 and Synth2 as inputs and output them with chained amplitudes.