Sonic Pi: Live_audio server input (◎_◎;)? HELP

Hi! I am new to Sonic Pi, so maybe this is a straightforward problem but I can’t figure it out by googling or in any other threads. I want to get a live audio input either from a USB mic or the computer’s microphone. I read the Sonic Pi manual for this section and it seems pretty straightforward how to test it (multichannel audio 13.2 live audio). When I run the test code

with_fx :reverb do
  live_audio :foo

the log says that it’s using supercollider as an audio server, My mac’s sound-card…in the system preferences> sound> input, the internal mic is selected and picking up sound.

=> Starting run 4

{run: 4, time: 0.0}
└─ live_audio :foo, {}

=> Stopping all runs…
=> Stopping run 4
=> Completed run 4
=> All runs completed
=> Pausing SuperCollider Audio Server

I just still can’t figure out how to make it make any sound. So I guess more specifically my question is why is SP not picking up the first input of my sound card. I saw another thread with the same question but also no answer.