Sonification in TidalCycles

What’s the best way to use data sonification with Tidal? Can you import a csv into a .tidal file? Stream the data via OSC? Try to do everything in SuperCollider?

I can’t find any documentation on this yet.

All my data sonification work thus far has been with Supercollider and Processing, but I would love to more pattern-based work.

Sorry that it’s been 2 weeks before a reply. We’re trying to shift most tidal stuff over to

But to your question:
Tidalcycles was designed for more live-composition, and doesn’t really have functionality for importing other types of data.

If you were to implement that functionality, there are two approaches I can think of:

Either you write some sort of parser that converts the csv data into tidal’s mini-pattern language (the “bd ~ ~ sd” part), then just paste that in a tidal file and manipulate it, or you write the entire thing in supercollider like you mentioned, and have some tidal command that can trigger the playback of data.

Would be interested to see some interplay of live code manipulation and sonification though.