Tidal v1.1 release

The release candidate for tidal-1.1.0 is up: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/tidal-1.1.0/candidate

Quite a bit to be documented, but here’s the changelog:

1.1.0 - Brincliffe Edge

  • binary and ascii functions for playing with bit patterns @yaxu
  • support chord inversions in chord parser @bgold-cosmos
  • skip ticks when system clock jumps @yaxu
  • fix crash bugs in mini notation parser and grp @yaxu
  • new stitch function @yaxu
  • |++, ++| and |++| for combining patterns of strings by concatenation @yaxu
  • send best effort of a sound id to dirt / superdirt if sendParts is on, allowing parameter adjustment of previously triggered sound (without chopping) @yaxu
  • qtrigger - quantise trigger to nearest cycle @yaxu
  • add setI, setF et al to BootTidal.hs for setting state variables @yaxu
  • BootTidal.hs now sends d1d12 to orbits 011 respectively @yaxu
  • markov chain support with runMarkov and markovPat @bgold-cosmos
  • simplify / fix mask and sew @yaxu
  • Adjust <* and *> (and therefore |+, +| etc) to be closer to <*>, explanation here: https://penelope.hypotheses.org/1722 @yaxu
  • extract minitidal into its own package tidal-parse (using cabal multipackages), renaming to Sound.Tidal.Parse @yaxu @dktr0
  • benchmarking @nini-faroux
  • minitidal refactor, support for parsing more of tidal, tests @dktr0
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Tidal v1.1 now out! Upgrade instructions here: https://tidalcycles.org/index.php/Upgrading

I’ll do a video and some documentation soon. Please shout if you get any troubles!

The major version bump is down to some fundamental changes to <* and *> and related operators. This changes the behaviour of tidal in certain situations, but this only when it makes sense.

For example in the previous version the following: "~ 2" |+ ("1" |+ "~ 3")

would not give you any events in previous tidals, but in v1.1.0, it would give you the same as "~ 6" as you might expect.

Similarly, prior to v1.1, this wouldn’t return any events: sound "~ bd" # n ("1" |+ "~ 2")

but now you’ll get much the same as sound "~ bd" # n 3. More on the details of this change here - https://penelope.hypotheses.org/1722