Videos or photos of you performing

I think it’s cool to see yourself performing, good memories and see how much you evolved.

I have this tiny video of my first audio live coding during a Shader Showdown with the Cookie Collective at GROW Paris (I’m in the middle) !

Please share !

Me livecoding a 3D printer for the Toplap 15th birthday

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Not quite a video of me but a very short recording of my first time doing visuals. It was for Birmingham Laptop Ensemble back in 2011

BiLE at SOUNDkitchen 17.03.11

The video doesn’t auto play here so you should click through.

This was in a time when the people I worked with didn’t have me on stage. Not that it wasn’t allowed, it just wasn’t part of the conversation at the time. Oh how things have changed :slight_smile:

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