Hydra Discussion of hydra (, including: usage and development, performances, future ideas, community, networking, video synthesis, etc. etc. Sheffield A community forum for live coders in and around or interested in Sheffield UK and its algorithmic goings-on, including the local Tidal club. ItalianLiveCoders This is a category for any people who speak Italian or who works/lives/study in Italy. You can also write in English or any other language and we’ll try to answer you as soon as possible Distributed Culture A community for discussing distributed culture, beginning with the AlgoMech Panel on the topic taking place online on the 29th February 2020. FrenchLivecoders Welcome to this category for people who speak french and people living, studying, working in France/french-speaking countries. Sema A community forum for the Sema live coding language design playground, for the discussion of development, workshops, and performances. Foxdot Discussion of the Python-based live coding environment, FoxDot. Come here to ask questions and share your own work. Gibber Discussion of Gibber and related tools for live coding, education, and general tomfoolery. clic Discusión en torno a CLiC - Colectivo de Live Coders. SuperCollider Discussion of SuperCollider including both sclang and the server. TidalCycles Discussion around the TidalCycles language for live coding pattern. Livecode-nl nl_cl
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I install FoxDot? A: Check out the install guide here:   Q. When trying to use pip install FoxDot, why do I get an error "pip is not a recognised command" or "no comm…

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